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Business Love


Tired of obeying orders and working under commands?
Badly frustrated with, or sick of your job?
Only your mistakes gets highlighted and your skills are being questioned?
You want an resignation but afraid to lose an income?
You’re working for more than your normal working hours, unwillingly?
Humiliation. Open insults. Abuses. Scoldings. And other related shits you’re tolerating ?

Oh you still don’t know why are you tolerating?
Maybe out of financial weakness?
Umm, out of some undue influence?
Wait, are you telling me that you’re learning this way? For your personal development? For your future business empire?
Polishing your skills? Is this your plan?


Well, this is the condition of those graduates who are working under some local firm. Deliberate moral humiliation and insults are being offered alongwith those annual packages.
Postgraduates? Scenario is the same, but levels of humiliation varies.
You no doubt earn respect but it takes a single mistake to lose all what you’ve achieved.

But I tell you what?
This is the most important necessity if wish to start something of your own, something known as business.
Like every foreign universities demands for 2 years of minimum work experience other than your graduation,
Business in India demands for 2 years of minimum humiliation or maybe hardships apart from your educational degrees or family occupation.

‘You need to burn your ass a little,
before you join any business’

‘Initially, your boss will enjoy fucking your ass,
Later, you’ll make profits out of his sperms’

Work under the most strict employer for your worst work experience no matter whichever degree you hold be it CA, MBA or any other.
Only then you’ll learn the art of how to earn!

Once again! Repeat this after me!

If you love taking up stress,
If you enjoy shouting on your phone 24*7,
If you want everything in a formal class,
And if you love money,
Let me tell you, Business is the best choice.



Success What?


You’re in your twenties. Swimming or drowning?

Won’t start cheesy. Direct to the point. Success scene?

Are you going to make money yourself or you think you’ve enough money already, doesn’t matter whoever’s money or from where it has come from?

Or you’re thinking philosophically?
Like life will happen to you and it’ll make you someone.
You’ll not put efforts now but only when life will make you become someone.
Someone successful.

Are you really serious or instead you’re only too coward about success?
Because you think success is too cruel to kiss you?
Only successful people get more success because to make more money you first need double of that money?

Brother, re-read what I wrote. Successful people get more success. Really? No, A myth.

What’s success? Who are successful people? Why are they successful? What’s so successful about them? What makes them so successful? Do they feel success or it’s only you finding success somewhere in them and they’re hardly interested about success?


“They were you. New and few”

Yes what you’re today. They were you yesterday.
If they’re your teacher today, they were someone else’s students yesterday.

If you’re hurting yourself because you think you’re no one today,

You’ve got all the rights to tell yourself that you’ll become someone in tomorrow’s today.