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Whom to marry?

*Palms below my chin* 

Young adult?
Tired of all your previous relation’shits’?

 Oh, still in a ‘serious’ ‘true love’ sort of relationship? 
Wanna marry him/her?
No more a virgin? 
Afraid of your parents?
Don’t want to marry a stranger? 

Hate Indian traditional marriages? Correct yes?

More or less, the exact scenario of today’s youngsters when It comes to marriage. Almost every teenager is having a partner at a very less age, say maybe fourteen? Fifteen?
Yeah, much justified.
Let’s not blame them. Let’s try and find out the reasons behind such an advanced teenager’s life.

Urban Lifestyle.
One of the biggest reason behind those relationships is urban lifestyle.
Nowadays, academical pressure leads to an enormous mental stress for teenage students. Also both the parents are working throughout the day, which restricts them to spend sufficient time with their kids. And those women who aren’t working outside but inside, instead and known as ‘housewives’ are often busy with household duties and yes how can I forget their maids!
Now what happens?
These lonely teenagers creates their own social life. They share everything with other teenagers and this is how they welcome attachments.
Further, they fall for each other in love. Proposals. Creation of moments or memories. They tend to live like a married couple. And that’s how they complete their teenage period either with the same person or maybe in numbers.
Early young adult couples tries the next level. Disc dance moves. Smoking. Boozing. And finally sleeping together for having sex. Well this time, they welcomes a cyclone. Not getting me? Breakup, I meant.

Now, you’re stuck badly with a big question mark on your marriage.

You committed mistakes?
No big deal.
You’ve a dark past?
Cheer up, you ain’t the only person.
Broken heart?
‘Time heals up everything’.
Lost your Virginity?
Don’t tell me that you can’t have babies now. Relax.

Give yourself sufficient time and you’ll be out of any shit. Believe me when I’m saying it.
Suicide is bullshit. Okay?
Share everything with your parents. Bitter task but the best solution.
Very scared? What if they don’t accept you?
That won’t happen. You belong to them, afterall.
Yes they’ll feel low and they may cry.
Wipe those tears and give your best smile.
Everything will be perfect.
Let your parents decide with whom you gonna marry. Only they can make the best decision. If you already know someone who’s worth marrying or you are in love with someone, no issues.
Consult and convince your parents about your relationship with that person, they’ll understand.

Marriage is a big decision,
The person you are going to marry makes that decision, bigger.
But what’s biggest?
Your parents consent. Be it love or an arrange marriage, always consult your parents before marrying. 

“Marriage is never a bachelor’s cup of tea,
You need your parents to cook that tea for you”