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Sleep or Sex?


Sleeplessness? Losing weight? Low blood pressure? Regular pukes? Sudden faints? 

Tell me something, ever tried making a ‘record’ for not sleeping at all during your past nights?
Oh, wrong question!
Everyone creates such records out of love initially, and then out of loneliness!
Okay how many nights? Ten? Twenty? A month? 4 months? My GOD, broken my record too? A complete year?
Genius! 😕
Lastly, like on every alternate nights or once or twice or maybe thrice in a week or you mean to say in a series, like continuously on every nights?
Bro, *Salutes*.

Alright, can we now come to the point? Or you want more better taunts from me? No right? Better!

Please explain me about such *intentional sleepless nights* ?
What made you to practice this art? What did you gain? (Oh, he’s having answers too! Impressive.)
Yes, repeat again?
Millions of chat history. Beautiful phone conversations. Many emotional satisfactions. Overwhelming love expressions. Minute imaginary intimations.
Wait! Wait! Wait! I understood, fairyland vacation with an angel, in short? Much justified?

Won’t scold or taunt more because I can feel and understand this stage in one’s life!
Let’s just not recall those flashbacks in each of our lives, respectively.
Just once look at you?
Are you confident enough to face the world in this timid body language?
I don’t think so.
It’s okay if you’ve made any such nonsense record,
Wait before you offend, remember I’ve more worse words on this. So better you keep a mum.
Yes, I won’t term this as mistake because I personally feel that one must explore such moments in life no matter if it’s making any sense or not.
‘Love is that seventh sense which destroys all your other senses’
I agree.
But what’s wrong with you now?
Why aren’t you sleeping on time?
Mourning over your past or weeping tears won’t help you my child!

Bring positive thoughts. Indulge into something constructive. Fuck loneliness, love yourself.
No, don’t make friends for a while.
Atleast dance with your cousins? Your own brother/sister? Watch cartoon movies with them?
Go for a morning walk. mediate for ten minutes. Exercise?
No nightmare can stop you from sleeping.
And gradually you’ll notice something,
Something what?
You’ll gain weight. You’ll forget puking. You’ll be perfectly fit.

Sleep is essential and exists as a free necessity for humans.
Fall in love for sleep. But don’t fall lazy, later!