Boring growth


Bored of throwing birthday parties? 
Bursting crackers or playing with colours disinterest you like suddenly? 
Watching a cricket match on TV is better than witnessing it live on the stadium? Because it’s a congestion?
Throwing popcorn or pillow fights makes you immature?
Trying to understand share market on various business channels instead of watching Shincan or Doreamon?
Love long drives but hates it when six people are sitting inside your four-seated car?
Many other similar incidents? 

Like previously which you used to enjoy and presently makes you feel weird? Awkward? Boring?

You call it transformation? Development? Growth? Maturity?
You’ve better options?
Celebration is boozing for you?
Clubbing is way better than a family dinner?
Girlfriend’s choice outweighs your mommy’s pick?
You bestow love to her only when she’s sick?
You collect rupees instead of those Pokemon Zenga cards?
What else man? You know something? You know them better!

Well I call this ‘Fake’.
No no, not those constructive parts.
Ofcourse, you’re growing up and changes are always constant.
I understand your change, your mental level and your choices.
I’m talking about the ones which you’re leaving behind.
That kid inside you. Your parents. And celebrations, respectively.

Never leave or forget anything behind you that created you. Umm, re-read those three aspects once?
That kid? Your parents? And celebrations? Right?
Relate and tell me if I’m wrong. Didn’t they help you in your creation?
Why are you then skipping them?
For a change? Umm, I suggest you something?
How about a constructive change?
How about a visit to an old-age home on your birthdays?
Different much? Maturity as such!
How about playing Holi or celebrating Diwali in a slum?
Oh, just for an hour?
I’m not that typical to spoil your complete festive day. You’ve much sufficient time left for your friends or relatives too!
Well, these are just basics that I can provide. You’ve to search for many related happiness under a social cause. I’m sure you’ll smile after attempting one such cause.

Arey, So what if you’re an adult? You’re still a youngster? Know this na?
Youngsters also stands for craziness or call it madness.
Again for a change? Let’s call this Social Madness!

Tryout and stop faking maturity.
Everyone’s matured out of immaturity. 



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