Whom to marry?

*Palms below my chin* 

Young adult?
Tired of all your previous relation’shits’?

 Oh, still in a ‘serious’ ‘true love’ sort of relationship? 
Wanna marry him/her?
No more a virgin? 
Afraid of your parents?
Don’t want to marry a stranger? 

Hate Indian traditional marriages? Correct yes?

More or less, the exact scenario of today’s youngsters when It comes to marriage. Almost every teenager is having a partner at a very less age, say maybe fourteen? Fifteen?
Yeah, much justified.
Let’s not blame them. Let’s try and find out the reasons behind such an advanced teenager’s life.

Urban Lifestyle.
One of the biggest reason behind those relationships is urban lifestyle.
Nowadays, academical pressure leads to an enormous mental stress for teenage students. Also both the parents are working throughout the day, which restricts them to spend sufficient time with their kids. And those women who aren’t working outside but inside, instead and known as ‘housewives’ are often busy with household duties and yes how can I forget their maids!
Now what happens?
These lonely teenagers creates their own social life. They share everything with other teenagers and this is how they welcome attachments.
Further, they fall for each other in love. Proposals. Creation of moments or memories. They tend to live like a married couple. And that’s how they complete their teenage period either with the same person or maybe in numbers.
Early young adult couples tries the next level. Disc dance moves. Smoking. Boozing. And finally sleeping together for having sex. Well this time, they welcomes a cyclone. Not getting me? Breakup, I meant.

Now, you’re stuck badly with a big question mark on your marriage.

You committed mistakes?
No big deal.
You’ve a dark past?
Cheer up, you ain’t the only person.
Broken heart?
‘Time heals up everything’.
Lost your Virginity?
Don’t tell me that you can’t have babies now. Relax.

Give yourself sufficient time and you’ll be out of any shit. Believe me when I’m saying it.
Suicide is bullshit. Okay?
Share everything with your parents. Bitter task but the best solution.
Very scared? What if they don’t accept you?
That won’t happen. You belong to them, afterall.
Yes they’ll feel low and they may cry.
Wipe those tears and give your best smile.
Everything will be perfect.
Let your parents decide with whom you gonna marry. Only they can make the best decision. If you already know someone who’s worth marrying or you are in love with someone, no issues.
Consult and convince your parents about your relationship with that person, they’ll understand.

Marriage is a big decision,
The person you are going to marry makes that decision, bigger.
But what’s biggest?
Your parents consent. Be it love or an arrange marriage, always consult your parents before marrying. 

“Marriage is never a bachelor’s cup of tea,
You need your parents to cook that tea for you”


Sleep or Sex?


Sleeplessness? Losing weight? Low blood pressure? Regular pukes? Sudden faints? 

Tell me something, ever tried making a ‘record’ for not sleeping at all during your past nights?
Oh, wrong question!
Everyone creates such records out of love initially, and then out of loneliness!
Okay how many nights? Ten? Twenty? A month? 4 months? My GOD, broken my record too? A complete year?
Genius! 😕
Lastly, like on every alternate nights or once or twice or maybe thrice in a week or you mean to say in a series, like continuously on every nights?
Bro, *Salutes*.

Alright, can we now come to the point? Or you want more better taunts from me? No right? Better!

Please explain me about such *intentional sleepless nights* ?
What made you to practice this art? What did you gain? (Oh, he’s having answers too! Impressive.)
Yes, repeat again?
Millions of chat history. Beautiful phone conversations. Many emotional satisfactions. Overwhelming love expressions. Minute imaginary intimations.
Wait! Wait! Wait! I understood, fairyland vacation with an angel, in short? Much justified?

Won’t scold or taunt more because I can feel and understand this stage in one’s life!
Let’s just not recall those flashbacks in each of our lives, respectively.
Just once look at you?
Are you confident enough to face the world in this timid body language?
I don’t think so.
It’s okay if you’ve made any such nonsense record,
Wait before you offend, remember I’ve more worse words on this. So better you keep a mum.
Yes, I won’t term this as mistake because I personally feel that one must explore such moments in life no matter if it’s making any sense or not.
‘Love is that seventh sense which destroys all your other senses’
I agree.
But what’s wrong with you now?
Why aren’t you sleeping on time?
Mourning over your past or weeping tears won’t help you my child!

Bring positive thoughts. Indulge into something constructive. Fuck loneliness, love yourself.
No, don’t make friends for a while.
Atleast dance with your cousins? Your own brother/sister? Watch cartoon movies with them?
Go for a morning walk. mediate for ten minutes. Exercise?
No nightmare can stop you from sleeping.
And gradually you’ll notice something,
Something what?
You’ll gain weight. You’ll forget puking. You’ll be perfectly fit.

Sleep is essential and exists as a free necessity for humans.
Fall in love for sleep. But don’t fall lazy, later! 



Boring growth


Bored of throwing birthday parties? 
Bursting crackers or playing with colours disinterest you like suddenly? 
Watching a cricket match on TV is better than witnessing it live on the stadium? Because it’s a congestion?
Throwing popcorn or pillow fights makes you immature?
Trying to understand share market on various business channels instead of watching Shincan or Doreamon?
Love long drives but hates it when six people are sitting inside your four-seated car?
Many other similar incidents? 

Like previously which you used to enjoy and presently makes you feel weird? Awkward? Boring?

You call it transformation? Development? Growth? Maturity?
You’ve better options?
Celebration is boozing for you?
Clubbing is way better than a family dinner?
Girlfriend’s choice outweighs your mommy’s pick?
You bestow love to her only when she’s sick?
You collect rupees instead of those Pokemon Zenga cards?
What else man? You know something? You know them better!

Well I call this ‘Fake’.
No no, not those constructive parts.
Ofcourse, you’re growing up and changes are always constant.
I understand your change, your mental level and your choices.
I’m talking about the ones which you’re leaving behind.
That kid inside you. Your parents. And celebrations, respectively.

Never leave or forget anything behind you that created you. Umm, re-read those three aspects once?
That kid? Your parents? And celebrations? Right?
Relate and tell me if I’m wrong. Didn’t they help you in your creation?
Why are you then skipping them?
For a change? Umm, I suggest you something?
How about a constructive change?
How about a visit to an old-age home on your birthdays?
Different much? Maturity as such!
How about playing Holi or celebrating Diwali in a slum?
Oh, just for an hour?
I’m not that typical to spoil your complete festive day. You’ve much sufficient time left for your friends or relatives too!
Well, these are just basics that I can provide. You’ve to search for many related happiness under a social cause. I’m sure you’ll smile after attempting one such cause.

Arey, So what if you’re an adult? You’re still a youngster? Know this na?
Youngsters also stands for craziness or call it madness.
Again for a change? Let’s call this Social Madness!

Tryout and stop faking maturity.
Everyone’s matured out of immaturity. 


Business Love


Tired of obeying orders and working under commands?
Badly frustrated with, or sick of your job?
Only your mistakes gets highlighted and your skills are being questioned?
You want an resignation but afraid to lose an income?
You’re working for more than your normal working hours, unwillingly?
Humiliation. Open insults. Abuses. Scoldings. And other related shits you’re tolerating ?

Oh you still don’t know why are you tolerating?
Maybe out of financial weakness?
Umm, out of some undue influence?
Wait, are you telling me that you’re learning this way? For your personal development? For your future business empire?
Polishing your skills? Is this your plan?


Well, this is the condition of those graduates who are working under some local firm. Deliberate moral humiliation and insults are being offered alongwith those annual packages.
Postgraduates? Scenario is the same, but levels of humiliation varies.
You no doubt earn respect but it takes a single mistake to lose all what you’ve achieved.

But I tell you what?
This is the most important necessity if wish to start something of your own, something known as business.
Like every foreign universities demands for 2 years of minimum work experience other than your graduation,
Business in India demands for 2 years of minimum humiliation or maybe hardships apart from your educational degrees or family occupation.

‘You need to burn your ass a little,
before you join any business’

‘Initially, your boss will enjoy fucking your ass,
Later, you’ll make profits out of his sperms’

Work under the most strict employer for your worst work experience no matter whichever degree you hold be it CA, MBA or any other.
Only then you’ll learn the art of how to earn!

Once again! Repeat this after me!

If you love taking up stress,
If you enjoy shouting on your phone 24*7,
If you want everything in a formal class,
And if you love money,
Let me tell you, Business is the best choice.


Success What?


You’re in your twenties. Swimming or drowning?

Won’t start cheesy. Direct to the point. Success scene?

Are you going to make money yourself or you think you’ve enough money already, doesn’t matter whoever’s money or from where it has come from?

Or you’re thinking philosophically?
Like life will happen to you and it’ll make you someone.
You’ll not put efforts now but only when life will make you become someone.
Someone successful.

Are you really serious or instead you’re only too coward about success?
Because you think success is too cruel to kiss you?
Only successful people get more success because to make more money you first need double of that money?

Brother, re-read what I wrote. Successful people get more success. Really? No, A myth.

What’s success? Who are successful people? Why are they successful? What’s so successful about them? What makes them so successful? Do they feel success or it’s only you finding success somewhere in them and they’re hardly interested about success?


“They were you. New and few”

Yes what you’re today. They were you yesterday.
If they’re your teacher today, they were someone else’s students yesterday.

If you’re hurting yourself because you think you’re no one today,

You’ve got all the rights to tell yourself that you’ll become someone in tomorrow’s today.

Happens with me, Happens with all.